Slipping into the end of humans – the rise of oppressed animals

Thursday, February 3, 2005

  • The layout!

    The layout!

Written by Chitat Lee (Contest Entry)


I feel soo…out of it. The next thing I know it’s starting to unravel….

I lived in a small house back in Ottawa with a fairly big back yard – way out in the suburbs (in fact I could see the Corel Centre from where I live).

All the commotion started with the bears, big ass bears that were almost as big as grizzly bears. Except they had darker lines of fur across their face – almost resembling scars. It’s kinda of hard to describe. There were like 2 or 3 of them around the house and a couple around the street picking garbage. Nobody was outside, they were fierce and dangerous. I was shaking with fear and excitement. No one could go out because they attacked everyone that did.

The next thing I know my mom was opening the front door. My face was gripped with fear. My heart stopped beating – as if someone was squeezing the living hell out of it. A bear came running towards the door. It’s eyes full of wild anger, the mouth wide open displaying its frightening teeth. It had gotten half way into the door and my whole family was in a panic. I tried to attack the bear with wild swinging fists. I could feel the cold fear bearing down on me that if it came in we would all die.

The next day I was looking out at my back window and I could see 3 bears in my backyard. I could feel myself getting angry from being holed up in my house, so the next minute I decided to confront them. I walked up to one and tried to punch it in the face. But it swung its huge paw. I was terrified and I could only sense myself slipping back as it continually swung its paws at me.

3 days later I’m looking out my back window again and I could see crocodiles. Fucking big ones too. This time I stayed in the house. For the past few days nobody in my neighborhood had gone outside. Their size was menacing and I watched them lazing around.

My neighborhood seemed empty now. No one on the streets. The animals were gone too but you could sense their presence. All the homes appeared empty. I stood on my roof with a rifle. There was now a wooden fence completely surrounding my house. I’m with like 2 or 3 people that aren’t my family, I only vaguely know them. Wait…the house is not the same house as mine. It’s looks pretty close to mine. All I know is that a group of antelopes tried to charge through the house a couple of days ago and me and my group were barely able to hold them off. The animals were all after us.

That’s why we built a wooden fence surrounding the house. How could a wooden fence hold them off? I don’t know. Once in a while we would see a car go by in a panic. For now we were safe from the animals.

The next thing I know someone in their car drives through our wooden fence. I go up to the driver and it’s some guy in his 50’s just sitting there. He wanted to get away from the animals so he decided to come here. But he did so by going through our fence. I was pissed. My group was pissed. He just made a hole inviting the animals to come in. He put our lives in jeopardy. I was so mad, never as mad as I was now than in my whole life. I could feel my skin turn hot red, and my muscles tense. My hands were shaking, they wanted to bash the guy in the head. Why!?! I screamed in my head. What kind of asshole does this!?!

From there on the world was being over run with animals and what few humans were left, were fighting for their own survival.

Everything was so real, the emotions too. I woke up and the clock read 10 am. I was so tanked when I went to sleep. This was the weirdest and one of the craziest dream I ever had. I love animals and I don’t think I ever had a dream of them doing anything bad. I guess alcohol will do that to you.


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