So you're going to move out…

Friday, February 10, 2006


Written by Jessica Wiper

For whatever reason, you have decided, to look for other, perhaps better, housing. So just pack up and go right? Not quite, there are some rules that surround the moving out process when renting, all outlined in the Tenant Protection Act (TPA).

First off, there are rules surrounding giving notice to your landlord to let them know that you will be vacating the premises when your lease is up. You should give written notice and keep a copy for yourself, which includes the full address of the place you are moving out of, the date you are moving, and the date you wrote the notice. If renting by the day or week, you must give 28 days notice. When renting by the month or year you must give at least 60 days notice. For those of you with a May to May lease, that means your landlord should have your written notice by March 1st! It may seem trivial, especially if you feel the landlord already understands you’re not staying on, but if you don’t have that written notice in before 60 days, you may be liable to pay some rent for the next term if the space is not filled.

If for any reason you feel you need to leave your place earlier than what was outlined on your lease, you can sublet or assign your lease, as long as the landlord agrees. Subletting is a process in which someone lives in your place and pays you the rent. You cannot charge more than what you pay however, and are responsible for any damage they may do. Assigning a place consists of finding a new tenant to take over your tenancy agreement with the landlord, and you have no right to move back in and are not responsible for the new tenant. If it is a dire situation you can also apply to the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal to allow them to end your tenancy and move out early, if you have very good reason to do so.

When moving out, take any belongings with you, anything left behind becomes the property of the landlord. If you are looking for more information on rules surrounding moving out, email the Neighbourhood Relations unit of Student Life, .

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