Royal City Beats – June 11-13

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

Thursday June 11

Jenn Grant - Carden Street Café, 40 Carden St. 9:15pm
Chart Attack called Jenn Grant "a mixture of Kate Bush and Feist with an east coast tinge." A lovely and charming performer will be circling the region this week as she makes her way to Songwriter’s Night at North By Northeast.

Whale Tooth with Knock Knock Ginger, Dancehall Free For All – ebar, 41 Quebec St. 9pm
Whale Tooth also has an NxNE berth and this Toronto rock band is coming to town with a lot of buzz behind them. Waterloo pop stars Knock Knock Ginger and Guelph’s own Dancehall round out the bill.

The Speakeasies with Don Vail – Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St. 10pm
The Speakeasies are still bootleggers of fine music and prove it again and again with every live show. By the looks of things, they have a busy summer ahead. These Royal City boys will be joined by Hamilton’s Don Vail, www.myspace.com/donvail which is actually a band, and not just one guy.

Friday June 12

Matt Newton Duo – Manhattans, 951 Gordon St. 8pm
This freestyle jazz act brings their CD release tour to Guelph after opening things up at the Rex in Toronto.

Rebel Rhythm – St. George’s Square, Noon
Friday Noon-Hour concerts in the Downtown Square kick off with this sneak preview of the Fall’s Jazz Fest with Toronto’s Latin/Funk/House mates, Rebel Rhythm. Hope for nice weather and have your lunch al fresco while listening to some great music.

Creature, Birthday Boys, Shallow Alps, Andrew DeVillers – Albion, 49 Norfolk St. 9:30pm
The Montreal pick of the week is the odd, little punk/funk quartet Creature. After that, it’s a full night of Ontario rock with the Birthday Boys and Shadow Alps. Andrew DeVillers joins them as well – he is actually one guy and not a clever band name à la Don Vail.

Caledonia – Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St. 10pm
Caledonia, not to be confused with the town or band from Georgia of the same name, is an indie rock/soul group from Halifax. They will also be appearing at NxNE this time next week.

Starring Janet Leigh with Don't Mind Dyin’ and Terrorhorse – Shadow, 72 Macdonnel St. 8pm
Friday night means metal at the Shadow. Starring Janet Leigh comes in from Toronto, Terrorhouse comes in from London and meeting them in the middle is Guelph’s own Don’t Mind Dyin’. It should be a most excellent night of play-it-loud tunes.

Saturday June 13

Lucas Stagg Band – Jimmy Jazz, 52 Macdonell St. 11pm
If you’re asking to yourself: “Wasn’t this alternative singer just in town on Monday?” don’t worry, you aren’t mistaken. Yes, Lucas Stagg is back. He’ll return for another gig in August, in case you wondering.

Shotgun Jimmie – Wally’s, 107 Wyndham St. N. 8pm
The pretty cool sounding Shotgun Jimmie, with his shades of Beck voice and music, will be touching down at Wally’s all the way from Sackville, NS for a fun Saturday night.

The Junction, Ghost of Calico, Trap Tiger, Life in Sound, Explode When They Bloom – Shadow, 72 Macdonnel St. 7pm
It’s all about Ontario rock on Saturday night at the Shadow. And it’s Toronto free with many of the other localities in the southern part of the province being represented including Brampton’s Junction, Burlington’s Life, Windsor’s Explode, and local acts Trap Tiger from Kitchener and Guelph-based Ghost of Calico. Five bands filled with young scrappy guys out to prove themselves, so come out and offer your support.

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