It's time to look for a place – or is it?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Written by Kathryn Hofer

While the winter semester is fresh, many people start thinking about finding a new place to live off campus. And it’s a great time to start… thinking about it, that is.

Guelph is a “renter’s market” for students, which means that there are more rentals out there then there are students looking to rent them. And rentals usually don’t start popping up on the market until February or later. Sure, prime locations – near a bus route, close to the grocery store – go faster than others, but even these places generally don’t get listed for another month or so.

The availability of rentals is based on when tenants move out: tenants are only required to provide their landlords with 60 days written notice for moving out. While places may start getting listed through the Off-campus Housing Office (www.housing.uoguelph.ca) and thecannon.ca in February, leases that start in May are often listed in February or March and September leases may not be listed until June or July.

All of this means that instead of finding a place right now, you can take some time to start thinking about an off-campus place (who will you live with? what are you looking for? how much are you willing to spend?) before the frenzy and excitement to find a great place begins after reading week.

As you start thinking about getting a new or different place, you can access the Tenant Survival Guide at www.csaonline.ca and you can find the Off-Campus Living handbook through the Neighbourhood Relations link at www.studentlife.uoguelph.ca.

More resources…

The OFF-CAMPUS RESOURCE FAIR will be taking place on January 23, 2006 in the UC Courtyard. Take the opportunity to ask the questions that popped up while you were living off campus this year and find out what you need to know when looking for a place for next year.

is your email link to the Neighbourhood Relations Peer Helpers, who can answer your questions about off-campus living.

OFF-CAMPUS LIVING INFORMATION SESSIONS are being hosted in January/February by Neighbourhood Relations, the CSA Legal Resource Room, and the Off-campus Housing office.

WWW.RENTERSREVIEWS.ORG gives you the chance to view rental ratings posted by previous tenants.

You can sign-on for OFF-CAMPUS LIVING on WEBCT to learn more about searching for housing in Guelph. Just email to register.

Visit Neighbourhood Relations for more information.

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