Fishing for Commentary with Said the Whale

BC based group Said the Whale came to the University of Guelph on tour with The Pack AD and Tokyo Police Club. Tyler Bancroft and Spencer Schoening had a good old chat with me about Vancouver rain, fishing trips, apple orchards. Interviewing in the stairwell of Peter Clark Hall has its ups and down: I’m not sure which category fan interruptions fall under.

Reading Week Forever

In the midst of the February blahs— with snowy, sleety Guelph weather and midterms casting a dull grey proverbial cloud over University of Guelph students— comes a glimmer in the darkness.

UofG Mental health Check-Up

A Guelph student’s accessibility to mental health resources is very different than the average person’s, with the above resources representing only a portion of what is offered and is free to boot. To get professional help, one must usually be covered under secondary insurance (i.e. through work), an individual usually has to be diagnosed with a mental illness, and are often put on waiting lists.

All You Need is Thumbs (and a Baby) - Part 3

People often ask why I absolutely had to hitchhike alone. It’s all practical, there are certain rules I’ve adopted and…

Organic By Design: Guelph Organic Confrence & Expo

No GMO, gluten free, organically sourced, locally derived, lactose free but also soy free.

The Shock and Awe of Citizenfour

The meaning of a sign is the response to it. Over the course of the 114 minutes that comprise Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’ new documentary on Edward Snowden and the surveillance state, I sank lower and lower in my seat with an ominous cloud gathering…

Bookstore First Year