How to Keep the "Spark" in your Long-Term Relationship

Everyone wants that spark in their relationships. But what is "spark"? University of Guelph professor and researcher Robin Milhausen, a leading expert and popular personality in sex research, presented a colloquium to the Clinical Psychology Department.

The Speed River Project; Uniting the Community Through Treeplanting

over 50 like-minded volunteers braved the cold and met at York Road Park to participate in the Speed River Project’s Community Tree planting as facilitated by OPRIG Guelph.

University Spending Negates Mission Statements

The University of Guelph’s Program Prioritization Progress has recently come under fire from the University of Guelph Faculty and Administration, and with good reason: while tuition rates continue to soar, Guelph’s projected $3.4 million deficit in the midst of a crippling budget crackdown on countless academic programs has students and employees of the university spinning.

The Other Victims of the Ottawa Shootings

Everywhere I turn, I see the following: ‘terrorist”, “terrorist”, “terrorist”. But what do we define as terrorist…

93-Year Old War Veteran Robbed in Guelph

"Everything I owned," Frank Taylor told CTV Kitchener. "Everything to say who I was. I have nothing left now. They cleaned the…

The Validity of A Liberal Arts Degree

While well-thought advice and moderate parental guidance can always be an asset in the turbulent hesitation of one’s twenties, it is important to remember that you are not required to justify your passions, interests or how you spend your money to…

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