How to Keep the "Spark" in your Long-Term Relationship

Everyone wants that spark in their relationships. But what is "spark"? University of Guelph professor and researcher Robin Milhausen, a leading expert and popular personality in sex research, presented a colloquium to the Clinical Psychology Department.

Norman Finkelstein breathes fire; Enlightens students

Dr. Finkelstein’s talk was heavily informative: allowed students to understand the history of strikes on the Gaza strip, and what all of the coalitions, associations, regimes, and other political organizations brought to the table in a hot bed of…

Are You Up for a Challenge? The 2014 GESTA Veggie Challenge

The Guelph Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals (GSETA) is proposing to the students of the University of Guelph a challenge of personal health, environmental awareness and social consciousness: the 2014 Veggie Challenge.

The Other Victims of the Ottawa Shootings

Everywhere I turn, I see the following: ‘terrorist”, “terrorist”, “terrorist”. But what do we define as terrorist…

"Chevron's Dirty Hand" Reaches Guelph

University of Guelph students and members of the Guelph community united last week to learn about the reality...

The Validity of A Liberal Arts Degree

While well-thought advice and moderate parental guidance can always be an asset in the turbulent hesitation of one’s twenties, it is important to remember that you are not required to justify your passions, interests or how you spend your money to…

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