Dirty Words at UofG

The show, which opened on October 6 at Zavitz Hall, featured individual works by each artist involved, musically accompanied by Jasmine of the local band “BattleWülf”. The show was full of friends and family of the artists, coming to see what those “dirty words” meant to people they held dear.

Working Together to Fight Food Shortage

While Canadians were busy stuffing themselves with fall feasts and pumpkin-flavoured everything, Guelph Food Bank has been gearing up and collecting for their annual fall food drive. Volunteers and organizers have distributed 36,000 brown paper bags to be…

Seven Qs for Candidate Cam Guthrie

I’m sure you’ve heard the old joke about politics, and how it comes from two Latin root words- “poli” meaning “many,” and “tics” meaning “blood-sucking creatures.” While I’m sure you’ve experienced a fair share of that kind of cynicism on the campaign trail, feel free to ignore the sentiment. Because we’re in exciting times, aren’t we?

Gryphons Give Back: Canadian Blood Services

Right now in Canada there is a national shortage of blood eligible for donation. Inventory is at a critically low level,…

Mayoral Debate Engages the University Community

This past Tuesday during the busy lunch hour, six of the seven Mayoral candidates...

Inordinate Ordnance - Idiotic, Patriotic Canadiana

I really like the fact that I live where I do. This is as close to patriotism as I am comfortable with. I like the fact that my mother, happened to be within the Canadian borders when I happened to be born. I’m not sure I’d like to have been born…

Bookstore First Year